Zone 3: Urban ecosystems: Workshop with the collective Enmedio

Workshop 04.11.2016 / 18-21h i 06.11.2016 / 11-14h

Space Residence

In the Zone 3 of INFRA- we propose to investigate the relations between ecosystem and urban space, taking the questions that Gerard Ortin's work opened as a starting point. The audiovisual proposal of Lycisca invited us to attend the complexity of the multiple scales and levels of human and non-human relations, time and spaces that took place in the Valley of Karrantza.

In the frame of the research about the infrastructures and his political dimensions, we propose to repeat Lycisca’s gesture by displacing these questions to the urban space.

The Zone 3 will consider the processes and shapes of configuration of a city-brand from the study of a concrete space. We will attend to all of the agents involved in this delimitation, infrastructures of different types, from hard –and soft technologies– to administrative regulations; from objects more or less artistic to urban developement. The goals will be two: the first, understand the systemic relations of the infrastructure involved in the area; the second, ask about the violence inscribed in his materiality.


Session 1 / Fridays 04.11.2016 / 18-21h. Place: Space Residence Saint Arts Mònica
Session 2 / Sunday 06.11.2017 / 11-14h. Place: Visit to the Zone.