Xarxa Zande Arts Santa Mònica


Black Tulip
Exposició 04.02 - 10.04.2016

Nivell 0

Cycle Xarxa Zande

Through a process of unblackboxing the labyrinthic workings of the Santa Mònica art centre (following on a suggestion by Bruno Latour), Black Tulip takes on the task of spilling forth the intestinal operations of the institution, the full set of conditions and factors determined by the infrastructure so frequently hidden from the public. The mechanism proposed by Black Tulip sets out to modulate the entire Zande Net exhibition cycle. It is grounded on an architecture that inherits components of the exhibiting past of the centre, while anticipating those uses to be required by participating artists, mediators and publics over the course of the upcoming year.

The infrastructure Black Tulip proposes here seeks then to make the very space of Arts Santa Mònica reflective, understanding it as a site of possibility from which to facilitate and determine connections between artistic processes and social relationships.

Black Tulip is a shared mask that is worn to sidestep the trap of identity and give priority to work of a collaborative nature. By renouncing the hierarchical value of first and last names, Black Tulip works as an aggregate where no one part stands out over any other.

This exhibition cycle, curated by Oriol Fontdevila, revives the reference to the Zande hunting net that had so intrigued thinkers such as Susan Vogel, Arthur Danto and Alfred Gell. Here it is presented once again, so as to set off a variety of mediatory operations meant to redefine the place of the institution and the artistic object itself, considering the full compendium of relationships it would have to move through. Participants in the cycle include Roger Bernat, Black Tulip, Víctor García Tur, Hijos de Martín, Consol Llupià, Regina de Miguel, Objetologías, Gerard Ortín and Straddle3.

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Black Tulip            04.02 - 10.04
Roger Bernat        05.05 – 03.07
Gerard Ortín         09.07 – 02.10
Regina de Miguel   18.10 – 08.01.2017


  • Curador Oriol Fontdevila
  • Organitza i produeix Arts Santa Mònica – Departament de Cultura