Project observatory
Exhibition 15.07 - 13.09.2015 second floor

This exhibition brings together and includes various phases of the project, presents part of the archive of projects located in the Raval and the Gothic Quarter, interconnects the projects carried out as Microinterventions in the public space and includes a selection of artistic works in several cities. In addition to all the works created under the auspices of TRANSlocations, it also contains various artists including: Ángela Bonadíes, Raquel Friera, Pep Dardanyà, Bouchra Khalili, Núria Güell - Levi Orta, Teresa Mulet, the collective Atfal Ahdath, the group consisting of Irma Arribas - Octavi Rofes - Pau Villalonga, Rogelio López Cuenca, Iconoclasistas, Left and Rotation, Santiago Cirugeda and Luz Broto. The exhibition will take place between June and September 2015, and will present a series of works that deal with the flows of contemporary mobility including tourism, migration and travelling for work; and how these affect or impact on the local context, in terms of citizenship, identity, territoriality, the diversity, settlement in the site place and the use of the public space. As a rejoinder, it also will highlight phenomena that limit and determine mobility, such as fear (insecurity, violence), inequality and social exclusion. These issues are addressed by the various production projects that are being carried out in the Raval and Gothic Quarter areas, and with projects by artists already undertaken in several cities. This highlights how the phenomenon of mobility is a global one, but which adopts specific nuances in each place.

  • TRANSlocations is a project by IDENSITAT and Arts Santa Mònica.
  • Directed by Ramon Parramon - IDENSITAT and Manuel Guerrero - Arts Santa Mònica
  • Curated by Ramon Parramon
  • Coordinated by Fina Duran (Arts Santa Mònica) i Laia Ramos (Idensitat)
  • Graphic Design CLA SE
  • Organized by Arts Santa Mònica - Departament de Cultura
  • Project's credits
  • Group work and project consultancy Consuelo Bautista, artist and photographer. Itziar González, arquitect, founder member of Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta. Gaspar Maza, anthropologist, teacher of Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Martí Peran, independent curator and teacher of Història de l'Art de la Universitat de Barcelona.Claret Serrahima, designer.
  • Direction CARTOGRAFIA CRÍTICA Itziar González (Institut Cartogràfic de la Revolta), Consuelo Bautista
  • Coordination and MICROINTERVENCIONS mediaton Laia Ramos, Irati Irulegui (Idensitat).
  • Arxiu de projectes Anna Recasens (Idensitat), Diana Padrón (AGI).
  • Coordinated by Fina Duran (Arts Santa Mònica) and Laia Ramos (Idensitat).
  • With the support by Departament d'Antropologia, Filosofia i Treball Social de la URV(Universitat Rovira i Virgili), AGI | Art, Globalizació, Interculturalitat, Departament d'Història de l'Art de la UB (Universitat de Barcelona), MACBA, Elisava (Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona) and Winchester School of Art, ACVic Centre d'Arts Contemporànies, Raval Cultural.