Residence 07.04 - 20.05.2015 Residence Area
TRANSLOCATIONS. Temporary experiences, artistic practices and local contexts: a proposal brought to Arts Santa Mònica by Idensitat that relates to different types of mobility, the transit of people and its impact on the local area using the medium of artistic practice and theoretical reflection. The area encompassing the Raval and Gothic neighbourhoods of Barcelona is used as a setting to present a number of activities related to research, production and exhibition which in practice serve as a means of fostering contemplation and action. A seminar, a critical cartography workshop, an open invitation to make micro interventions in the public area, a social and artistic projects archive and an exhibition are being carried out as part of the project.
Between the 7th April and the 20th May IDENSITAT is at the Residence Area in the framework of TRANSLOCATIONS, carrying out a series of activities related to the following lines of work:

- PROJECT ARCHIVE Talks and presentations
13/5/15 Pandora Urbana
time: 7 pm

Public presentation of the creative process of the project Pandora Urbana, based upon dialogue with more than 20 visual artists and dancers, some of whom have been diagnosed with mental health problems, related to Radio Nikosia, Ona Mestre Dansa and Delphine Boghos.

05/20/2015 Capsules de Memòria-Mediateca and Senyalem la Memòria-Territoris Oblidats
Time: 18:30

A conversation about the recuperation of lost memory with Capsules de Memòria-Mediateca and Senyalem la Memòria-Territoris Oblidats, collaborating with the Mediateca del Raval (Raval Media-library). There will be a brief tour of the neighbourhood before the beginning of the above activity.

Different activities related to organizations or activities in the neighbourhood. In this framework, different strategies are developed to convert the area into a meeting point between Arts Santa Mònica and its contextual framework, as well as between the specific project and the area in which it is developing.

A public debate and discussion project focusing on the relationship between locals and visitors when the latter are predominantly tourists.
Opinions, phrases and ideas are being collected from those that wish to contribute to a public debate on the tourism phenomenon in the context of Barcelona using the hashtag #TerritoriGuiri via the Twitter platform. The aim is to analyse the conflictive relationship that has been generated by the widespread growth of the tourist industry and its effect on everyday life.
The phrases collected are published live via a luminous device installed in the Media Quiosc area. The collection of phrases is also being compiled at the following website:
Simultaneously, an archive of texts and references about this is being constructed.

Recording of interviews with various protagonists of artistic and social projects compiled in the TRANSLOCATIONS archive, which have been developing from the 1980's up until the present day, within the context of the Raval neighbourhood.

Display and activities linked to the intervention projects in the public area; the fruit of the TRANSLOCATIONS open invitation. Participants include Ro Caminal, with “Video Van”; Brigitte Vasallo and Pol Galofre, with “Transraval”; Diásporas Críticas, with “Un día sin tiempo”, MawaTres with “Naciones Cotidianas. Domésticas Unidas”, Fem Plaça and Torolab.

  • Organiced byIdensitat; Arts Santa Mònica - Departament de Cultura