On the Nature of the Experiment, Error and Anomaly / Studies on Gravity and the Search for the Center

A Cosmos of Data
Conference and Seminar-workshop 11.11.2016 / 19h

Cloister Max Cahner

A Cosmos of Data

Reflection on the evolution of the information society and laboratory practices from the point of view of science, social studies and art.



“On the Nature of the Experiment, Error and Anomaly” by Michael Doser (CERN, Geneva). Presentation by Mónica Bello 

* Language: English with simultaneous interpretation



“Studies on Gravity and the Search for the Center” by Ale de la Puente (artist, Mexico City) and Michael Doser (CERN, Geneva)

 * This seminar requires preregistration, spaces are limited.

*Language: English without interpretation services


Michael Doser
Michael Doser is a research physicist at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland, who has specialized in working with antimatter, using it either as a tool (to study the strong interaction), or as an object of study itself (formation of anti-atoms, study of matter-antimatter asymmetry, measurement of the gravitational interaction between matter and antimatter) and is the spokesperson for the AEgIS experiment at CERN. In addition, he lectures on antimatter and is editor of Physics Letters B and of the Review of Particle Properties. He is also involved in numerous outreach activities, both locally and internationally (Europe and Asia), speaking to a wide spectrum of non-specialist audiences, from school children to decision makers, often also at art-related events.

Ale de la Puente
Ale de la Puente studied industrial design with a specialization in textile design (Ibero-American University, Mexico City), jewelry, precious metalworking and ironworking (Escola Massana Arts and Design School Barcelona) and boatbuilding (Arques School, Sausalito, California). She has recently undertaken independent studies in Astronomy and Nuclear Sciences.
A self-taught artist, De la Puente explores the notions of time by poeticizing the experiences of space, from an approach that ranges from scientific and technological to linguistic. In her work, the relationship between space-time and our image of the world is explored in depth through different media. Her work in recent years focuses on joining disciplines, where her interest lies in generating a process of reflection on the possibility of integrating art, philosophy and science into a whole that allows for creative processes to draw on the different visions of the world in an everyday perspective. 

Her work has been included in private and public collections. De la Puente was awarded the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte [National System of Art Creators] (2011) grant, and the Collide@CERN Ars Electronica award in 2012, for an artist’s residency at CERN (large Hadron collider in Geneva, Switzerland). Her work has been recognized by the Multimedia Center at the CNART [National Art Center] (2010); the SIVAM Foundation (2006); Pollock-Krassner Foundation (2000); she was awarded a Young Creators’ grant from the FONCA (Cultural fund of the Mexican government) on two occasions (1999-2000 and 1996-1997) and the InterMediArte III Conference was dedicated to her work and professional career (2014).