Paper Geographies

Paper Geographies

Lab 23 - 29.01.2017

Residence Space

"Effects and affections" laboratory inscribed within the MEATS Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces from Elisava School, with the title "Paper Geographies". The students will explore the process of making paper to adopt conscious qualities. This expererience will allow them the development of a specific and sensitive installation that will end up at the Artistic Center of Sant Lluc.

The "Paper Geographies" laboratory is a collaboration between Arts Santa Mònica and ELISAVA school, for a short and very intense periode of time. It takes advantage of the space’s prime location to display the lab’s dynamics, while it will also act as a permanent open studio to the public who will enjoy the process and evolution of the project.



ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Barcelona—Disseny i Enginyeria

Arts Santa Mònica