Paisatge sonor Arts Santa Mònica

Raval Soundscape

Residence 19.01 - 07.02.2016

Residence area

The Sound Art Master of The University of Barcelona proposes the creation of a Soundscape archive of the Raval neighborhood with special characteristics to become it attractive to artistic and research works.
In order to improve the spatial quality and complexity, and the singularity of the samples in the archive, recordings will be realized in a special device for the hexaphonic recording developed in collaboration with the team of Orquestra del Caos. Basically, it consists in a six channel digital recording receiving sound information from six high performance condenser microphones oriented as the angles a regular hexagon.


  • Organiced by Màster en Art Sonor de la Universitat de Barcelona
  • Produced byMàster en Art Sonor de la Universitat de Barcelona
  • In conjunction with Arts Santa Mònica
  • Sposored by Màster en Art Sonor de la UB