On exhibitionism in a public space
Resident collective project 03-30.04.2017

Residence Space

A peep show is a show that is viewed through a small slot or opening. Nowadays, in the context of adult entertainment, the term is associated with erotic displays and pornography seen through a window by individual clients, a show that involves participants who exhibit themselves while viewers take pleasure in watching how they do it. The act of “undressing oneself” has always been negatively perceived as showing off, attention seeking or trying to stand out and be different, as having the courage to make something explicit, to take a stance and to resist confirming to the norm.

Before the supremacy of our own eyes, public space, both physical and virtual, becomes a sphere of anonymity and constant exhibition, a true spectacle. A complex and difficult space to manage, where things are made, unmade, disputed, negotiated. A vital space that may even become uncomfortable. A space with an audience. Therefore, PEEP SHOW is necessarily a collective project that aims to facilitate individual reflection on the act of exposing oneself and looking in the mirror, on visual relationships between us and them, on the audience in public spaces. It is an attempt to recover a certain awareness of occupancy, of presence, of looking, of being looked at and to allow us to see ourselves as necessary political actions.

Mawatres, Santiago Morilla, Aimar Pérez Galí and Pau Sampera, in a work-in-progress, will reflect successively on how we behave when we observe and allow ourselves to be seen. For this reason, the PEEP SHOW process will be visible in the Residence Space of Arts Santa Mònica, an open, glazed space at street level that can be easily viewed (and perhaps heard) from the outside.

All of these reflections will be collected in a unique publication: VB_exposición visible is the publishing space that will give visibility to everything that happens at PEEP SHOW (the publication will be available at Arts Santa Mònica and in other cities).



Getting Up                  

Derivas Babilónicas
Santiago Morilla

[public epic]
Aimar Pérez Galí

Or Die
Pau Sampera


Parallel activities:

Closing ceremony and presentation of the editorial project VB_exposició visible
29.04.2017 / 12h
Cloister Max Cahner

Concert / Free entrance
Des de la costa, by Sant Miquel
29.04.2017 / 19h
Cloister Max Cahner


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Getting Up - Mawatres









Derivas Babilónicas - Santiago Morilla