Barcelona Clarinet Players
Concert 19.05.2017 / 20h

Cloister Max Cahner

Premiere performances by the BCP of five new pieces of music from the composers Joan Magrané, Josep Maria Guix, Carlos de Castellarnau, Bernat Vivancos and Raquel García-Tomás.

The BCP present a programme of performances of five never-before-heard pieces from the best composers in the world of music today. The BCP’s meticulous work, the quality of the compositions, the variety of styles, of timbres and arrangements in the space, as well as the setting in which the pieces are interpreted, make this concert a must-see event for anyone with an interest in music.



Organised by

Barcelona Clarinet Players


Manuel Martínez, clarinet
Javier Vilaplana, clarinet
Martí Guasteví, corno di bassetto
Alejandro Castillo, clarinet baix


Produced by

Barcelona Clarinet Players