Miquel Àngel Joan: Llonovoy

Miquel Àngel Joan: Llonovoy

discern and compose
Residence 17.12.2015 - 10.01.2016 Residence area

Collection of objects found
skillfully intervened
by Miquel Àngel Joan.
Turn around.
Decompose and compose.
Uneven plastic.
Junk pieces.
Broken toys.
Double and half.
The one.
The collection is composed
like an infinite nativity scene.
(Miquel Àngel Joan, 2015)

He combines his work in the world of theatre as an actor and stage designer with that of a travelling collector of broken objects which are found and “assembled”. He applies that same task of dismantling and reconstructing craftwork to his speeches, monologues, and discussions (compiled to a great extent in Maceta: Diari d'un indígena, Lleonard Muntaner, 2014). With a love for games and thrill for collage, Llonovoy alters and twists meaningful values that all words and objects have as synecdoches, that is, not as mere fragments but as representations of their original far-flung uses. A demiurge to a world of robots, animals, clowns, soldiers and music boxes, as impossible as they are real, his itinerant museum has travelled around the Balearic Islands, to Reus Circus Fair, to Le Pavillon Jaune in Paris, the puppet festival in Kilkis (Greece), to the Basurama in Madrid, and among others, to Drap Art Barcelona.


The exhibition “Figures del desdoblement” (Bendy Figures), part of the “if Festival”, is the ideal environment to help new creators linked to theatre and working with objects develop their projects.