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The artists of The comic explosion

They were the precursors. And also heroes. They invented what we now know as comics and at the same time they broke the deck. Names in bold and giant type: Winsor Mccay, Richard Oucault, Otto Soglow, Elzie Crisler Segar, George Herriman, George McManus, Clarence Gray, William Ritt, Chester Gould, Alex Raymond, Lee Falk, Frank Robins, William Ritt or Harold Foster. They are unknown names or little known to most mortals. But, on the contrary, who has not heard of Little Nemo, Krazy Kat, Little King, Popeye, Flash Gordon or Prince Valiant? With their original names or with those who were baptized in the magazines and in the comics in our country. Their creations, their creatures, have overflowed them and have been fixed as icons of popular culture that broke into the United States at the beginning of the last century. Illustrators, illustrators, screenwriters, animators ... Some of them were at the same time. Maybe they were not aware. Maybe it was just his way of making a living. Maybe they would have liked to have been publicists or painters. Some ended up being it, but for the audience that learned to read and to enjoy with them, they are what they did not want: comic’s classics. We have chosen 12, almost at random and among the most outstanding, but there were many more. Hundreds They invented sequential art and achieved unsurpassed mastery quotas. Screenwriters and cartoonists from all periods who came later took their example and took them as models. His originals, at the time undervalued, have entered through the large door of museums and large auctions of international art. Christie's or Sotheby's are raffled. Next to Picasso or Miró. Anonymous heroes, popular heroes, heroes, after all. Life thanks to your imagination and your art seems to us sweeter.


Milton Caniff (1) George Herriman (1) Alex Raymond (1)
Milton Caniff (2) George Herriman (2) Alex Raymond (2)
Lee Falk (1) Winsor McCay (1) Frank Robbins (1)
Lee Falk (2) Winsor McCay (2) Frank Robbins (2)
Harold Foster (1) George McManus (1) Elzie Crisler Segar (1)
Harold Foster (2) George McManus (2) Elzie Crisler Segar (2)
Clarence Gray (1) Richard Felton Outcault (1) Otto Soglow (1)
Clarence Gray (2) Richard Felton Outcault (2) Otto Soglow (2)