Maja Bajevic:“SLOGANS REMIX”

With Basheskia & Edward EQ
Concert performance 09.12.2016 / 19h

Cloister Max Cahner

Along with the musical group Basheskia & Edward EQ, Maja Bajevic has composed the music for a hundred-some slogans, short and powerful sentences that govern the world of contemporary society and its semiotic and psycho-cognitive configurations. Slogans that are like the mottos of political, economic and social life, emitting ideological messages that evoke specific historic events or especially dark periods. Some are used by opposing political factions or their meaning is shifted into different contexts.

Bajevic's work addresses important issues of contemporary history: the collective identity, violence, fate and memory; the construction of history, ideology and sociology. She creates narratives that refer to memory and identity, reflecting on the past and the present of local socio-political events with an international impact, which allude to a collective destiny and the fragments of a shattered history. Her reflections on the impact of political and social conflicts on everyday life involve the active participation of the spectators.

Maja Bajevic lives and works in Paris. Her exhibitions include Continuará [To Be Continued] (MNCARS, Madrid, 2011), Import-Export (Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland, 2010), Elles@centrepompidou (Centre George Pompidou, Paris, 2010), Documenta 12 (Kassel, 2007), Stockholm revisited with a haiku (Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2005) and Step by Step (PS1, New York).


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