The comic explosion

Exhibition 08.11.2018-20.01.2019

Level 0 and level 1

The aim of 'The comic explosion' is to offer a faithful photograph of the birth and golden age of press comics in the United States, as well as to look for their influences in the comics that, since the thirties, were made in our country. Seeking to give priority to didactics, the exhibition is structured in three blocks that allow us to make a chronological and at the same time technical tour of characters and authors, highlighting similarities and differences. The period studied, from 1895 to 1955, includes the creation and development of many of the myths that the ninth art has contributed to the cultural heritage of Humanity.


Organizes and produces: Arts Santa Mònica

Texts: Vicent Sanchis, Enric Trilles

Curator: Enric Trilles

Sub-curator and graphic designer: Valèria Suárez

Exhibition and assembly design: Àlex Muñoz

Assembly: GAMI S.C.P.