Theatrical Symposium in Art Criticism
Formative activity directed by Núria Gómez Gabriel 13-14.03.2018 / 19h-20:30h

Level 0

Repetition is a “concept dramaturgy” where five actors are invited to represent along with the public the dramatic structure of a symposium in art criticism. A place from where to study the heterogenous scene of the performing arts and their contribution to the context of current artistic production by means of the displacement of its own aesthetic codes. Performing what we are not or saying what did not want to say is a way of encouraging ourselves to explore the possibility of differing from our own identifying narrative. Repetition is presented here as an exercise dedicated to the experience of promiscuity.

Critics and playwrights like Boris Groys, Claire Bishop, Tea Tupajić, Roger Bernat and Óscar Cornago have ceded the texts of their lectures to the actors Maria Ribera, Pol López, Isak Ferriz, Ariadna Rodríguez and Fèlix Pons, to be read anew to the public. Questions like the ethical limit of work in the hiring of non-professionals to carry out performances, the immunity of art or the representation of the public as a social fact will be considered throughout the activity.

In a time of reenactments, reappropriations, rehashings, reloadings, remakes and repositions, the paradox of the revival has not been altered: it is not sure if it is rescuing a moral power (a “value” of any order, be it aesthetic, political, documentary, identity-related, or the like) or if it is aestheticizing it. In the first case our efforts would be centred on scouring the meaning of that which we have decided to revive. In the second we strive to scan its meanings: the absurd, physical shape of how it is made concrete (since concretion is always absurd).

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Symposium hosted by Quim Bigas.




Repetition is a project by Núria Gómez Gabriel, and has been developed in the context of the educational activity of ACCA (Associació Catalana de Crítics d'Art), with the collaboration of Arts Santa Mònica.