I International Contest of Artist’s Books: a Tribute to Joan Brossa

Exhibition of the selected and awarded books 26-30.10.2016

Residence Space

Inauguration: October 26, 7.30 pm


The research group Poció. Poesia i Educació, within the frame of the government sponsored project “Catalan Experimental Poetry between 1959 and 2004: characteristics, international relations and relations among genres; youth reception» (FFI2013-41063-P), is organizing the II International Poetry Conference: Archives, Poetics and Receptions, to be held at the MACBA (Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona) on October 27th and 28th, 2016.

As a part of this event, we are announcing the I International Contest of Artist’s Books: a Tribute to Joan Brossa. This contest has the aim of encouraging this kind of artistic creation in the field of “experimental poetics”, one of the axis of this conference.

Joan Brossa (Barcelona 1919-1998) was a poet, playwright and visual artist that turned into “poetry” all his works. His freedom brought him to collaborate with many other artists, showing also the attraction he felt by all the arts and his interest in the dialogue amongst different disciplinary fields. The barriers and boundaries were set by the critics. But, for him, the obligation of the artist was to follow the impetus of his time and to break it to build new languages.


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The research group Poció. Poesia i Educació of Universitat de Barcelona and  Fundació Joan Brossa.