HAMACA PROJECTA: Camera, prison of the body

Joan Morey
Projections with debate 21.10.2016 / 19h

Event Hall

Projection of Gritos & susurros (converses amb els radicals) [Shouts & Whispers (Conversations with Radicals)], from 2009, and Il linguaggio del corpo (preview) [The Language of the Body (preview)], from 2015.

Presentation by the artist, in conversation with the curator Alexandra Laudo

Joan Morey (Mallorca, 1972) is primarily dedicated to exploring the language of performance. In doing so he creates events with actors and performers and staged scenes―drawing from the terms of theatrical and film production―as well as doing specific interventions (based on the place or context of the work) that allow him to construct situations where one or more performers is submitted to a rigid system of instructions or norms (through choreographic diagrams, interpretational patterns, impediments to movement and other disciplinary recourses). These rules are also shifted towards the role of the audience in these projects.

Based on two highly different video works, the projection Camera, Prison of the Body seeks to contrast experience of the live work with delayed transmission (from the derived work). In this way it is possible to analyze the space occupied by the camera and the audiovisual dimension in Joan Morey’s performative pieces. It also opens the way for a consideration of how the condition of authorship varies in function of the nature of each work, setting up specific working methodologies affecting the performer, the technical team or just as well the public, along with each production’s final result.


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