Fun Fan Fest

Guest project to ArtsLibris
Festival 21-23.04.2017

Level 1

Fun Fan Fest is a festival, research platform and observatory of projects focused on local and international creative and collective groups that are linked to independent publishing through sound and image. Its way of working, based on the culture of proximity, prioritizes new creation based on the multidisciplinary and the coexistence of contexts; that seeks enrichment and local knowledge to build bridges globally. Fun Fan Fest is a project produced by Ana Manaia and Irma Marco from the TOOL_Eines per la Cultura platform. The presence of Fun Fan Fest as a guest project in ArtsLibris will take the form of a gathering of collectives and artists linked to independent edition through the exhibition of published material, art installations and works in progress, among others.

Exhibition Hybrid Matter

Curated by Ana Manaia and Irma Marco

Acaso Hubo Búhos Acá, Arnau Sala, Diego Paonessa, Edu Comelles, Javi Álvarez, Lolo & Sosaku, Plomo, Winebox Press and Marc O’Callaghan

Hybrid Matter presents the work of 8 artists and groups linked to independent publishing, either through sound-music or graphic art proposals: from vinyl records to video installations, moving sculptures and performance. In addition to being linked to independent publishing, their practices expand to the fields of graphic/fine arts and sound.




Work in progress
Graphic-sound installation made in real time during the three days of the fair, Regula ab servos Libris, by Marc O’Callaghan


Saturday April 22, 8 pm: opening session by (Barcelona), Espai Balcó/Terraza
Sunday April 23: concert-performance by Lolo & Sosaku (Japan/Argentina), 1st floor



Price per workshop: 5 €, limited capacity
Previous registration:



Family workshops
By Milimbo

1, 2, 3 conta-me’l al revés
We can read a book like we can travel a road, creating plot and characters as we go along. Participants will give shape to their book, open doors, cut forests and discover secrets hidden in their pages. We will create a book to play and tell.
Day and hour: Saturday April 22, 6 pm
Duration: 2 h

Zig zag – tris tras
Zigzagging til we get inside a book. A workshop for children in which to explore the possibilities of a picture in the context of a book.
Dates and times: Sunday April 23, noon and 5 pm
Duration: 1 h


Specialized workshop
By Eli Gras

Constructing a sound-book object
The aim is to create a book-object with a “snaking” illustrated text which also emits sound, by means of little wooden boxes, wire and rubber amongst other materials, and which of course has our own personal touch.
Dates and times: Friday April 21, 5 pm and Saturday April 22, noon
Duration: 1.30 h


Participating workshop
By Fluorescer

Sshhht! Què?
"Group A looks at what is behind the corner book stand, the one who laughs and laughs in a strange way, the boy who is bored ... They describe it by broadcasting it live to the B team upstairs, they write, Draw and scribble. "
By allocating roles out to a very special working team we will put together a book in situ using walkie talkies and mobile phones.
Dates and times: Sunday April 23, 13.00 h
Duration: 2 h

Organizates: Raiña Lupa

Support: Departament de Cultura

Collaborates: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Sponsors: Fundació Banc de Sabadell