Zombi Spaces #3 | BCN Waterfront

Residència 14-19.07.2016

Espai Residència

Zombi Spaces is a project that challenges the nature and consequences of the urban and social dynamics our cities are subjected as result of urban speculation, failed strategic planning, the abuse of city branding and the mercantilization of city life in general.

A zombi space is that which is defined by fragments of projects not fully realized. It’s a space which lives (not dying) in a disjointed manner, made of shards of urban projects and idealizations, albeit  the efforts to prefigure as a coherent body.

The third version of Zombi Spaces will focus in an urban space densely occupied and with a very intense social use which, to some evaluations, is an example of a successful urban space. It is one of the privileged spaces for tourism in Barcelona and a place for solace and sport for the city’s permanent residents. Zombi Spaces doesn’t look to challenge the  Barcelona waterfront’s success, but to explore the zombifying dynamics present in such space, eliciting creative ways to render them visible and understandable, as well as imagining possibles escapes from them.

The residency includes two types of activities. There will be working sessions with researchers, artists and authors from multiple disciplines who have worked around the social and urban dynamics related to the zombi space concept, and workshop sessions aimed at developing and prepare arts projects and interventions.

Idensitat and Arts Santa Mònica


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