El solar de l'estraperlo

El solar del estraperlo

Residence 19 - 25.10.2015 Residence area

Jomi Oligor, Xavi Bobés and Shaday Larios, El solar del estraperlo - El barrio chino de Barcelona a través de sus objetos.

A projectcreated to make plays out of realia that come from fieldwork relating topeople, their belongings and the History of the Neighbourhood that they livein. Objects that tell their own story. ElSolar del Estraperlo was created to explore the relationship between theseobjects, personal and collective memory, the neighbourhood and the city.

In El solar del Estraperlo, two words arecombined to represent and synthesize the main part of this project. On onehand, working in places which have been made invisible, are unnoticed, oralready destroyed, and on the other, working on all the possible narrationsthat can be made from an object that is traded, acquired, worn out, recycled ormoved in time and space until it ends up in a given area, a unique memory, anda specific route within a Neighbourhood.

This firstintervention is based on Barcelona’s China Town and its NeigbourhoodAssociation: “Barcelona’s China Town portrayed through its objects.”


The exhibition “Figures del desdoblement” (Bendy Figures), part of the “if Festival”, is the ideal environment to help new creators linked to theatre and working with objects develop their projects.