Social assistance devices. Violence in the name of your well

Screening, round table, question and answer session 24.11.2016 / 19h

Event Hall

Screening of the documentary Okulo

Direction: Carlota Àlvarez and Laia Pelliser. Production: Carlota Àlvarez, Laia Pelliser, Naya Pascual and Irene Blanco. Duration: 30 min

Okulo is a documentary created through a self-management initiative, which gathers the experiences of eight young people who live in Barcelona as they enter into contact with different institutional resources that support children and adolescents.

This documentary is intended to open our eyes to their perspectives, so they can express how they felt under institutional guardianship, the difficulties they faced upon leaving the centers, and their current hopes for the future now that they have reached the age of majority.

The screening will be attended by:

Laia Pelliser, director of the documentary

Marta Venceslao, PhD in Anthropology and professor at the University of Barcelona, Faculty of Education

Manuel Jiménez, ex-user of guardianship services and focus of the documentary






Photo: Fotomovimiento. Tono Carbajo.