David Espinosa

Residence 10 - 29.11.2015 Residence area

David Espinosa (Elche, 1976). Through his works, he questions the idea of representation, exploring the limits of theatrics and manipulating elements surrounding the whole stage equation (actor/body space time spectator = theatre). Using precarious and “low tech” methods, he presents formal games, from which different narratives are created and which give each show a different nature and format, away from etiquette, and always half way between visual arts, dance and theatre.
During his stay at Arts Santa Mònica he will work on an installation (visible from inside and outside of the residence area), which will evolve from day to day.

The exhibition “Figures del desdoblement” (Bendy Figures), part of the “if Festival”, is the ideal environment to help new creators linked to theatre and working with objects develop their projects.