Arts Education II. The places of art: school, mainstreaming, and networks
Exhibition, workshops, talks 04.05 – 04.06.2017 Tuesday to Friday 14.00 – 21.00 / Saturday and Sunday: Centre opening times. Closed Mondays

Space Residence

This second edition of ‘Arts Education’ presents, as a point of interest, the notion of art’s place in schools, and how these schools are coordinated, promoting mainstreaming and networking.

Arts Education II.  The places of art: school, mainstreaming and networks aims to demonstrate how the arts can play a key role in the emerging innovation and transformation of education in Catalonia, revealing schools and projects that coordinate their relationship with the arts in their own unique way.  An approach to a set of practices, together with their methodologies and processes that, although diverse, define ways of working that share some commonality: practices born and developed together with the educational community and its surroundings. Students are active protagonists in processes by which artistic practices become driving forces for change.  Ultimately, all projects presented here are linked, some more closely than others, in collaboration with education networks, as in the case of network Nova 21, the Escoles Tandem network, Escoles Magnet, Waldorf or the Innovation Centres Network of the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s Institute of Education Sciences. The projects invited to the exhibition and presentation sessions are: Escola El Puig (Esparraguera), Escola Miquel Bleach (Barcelona), Institut Moisés Broggi (Barcelona), Escola Tretzevents Waldorf-Steiner (Sant Cugat del Vallès), Escola Dovella (Barcelona), Institut Escola Les Vinyes (Castellbisbal).      


If you want to download the general sheet room of the exhibition and each of the schools and institutes present, click here.  


The following events will take place as part of the exhibition (download the program):

04/05 – 04/06/2017: Project displays

Location: Residence Area

Timetable: Tuesday to Friday 14.00 – 21.00 / Saturday and Sunday: Centre opening times.  Closed Mondays

13/05/2017 | 10.00 – 14.00: The places of art: school, mainstreaming, and networks; presentations and talks

Location: Lecture room

23/05/2017 | 18.30: David Bueno conference: What does art do to the brain?

Location: Cloister Max Cahner

31/05/2017 | 18.30: Discussion panel: Arts education beyond school.  Sharing ideas, challenges and knowledge

Location: Rosa Sensat Teachers’ Association Hall

11, 17, 25 and 30/05/2017 | 17.30 – 20.30: workshops

11/05/17: Workshop 01_ Shelter/ Moments and places of refuge, from belonging, trust and place.

17/05/2017: Workshop 01 02_Transit/ Transformations and rites of passage. Transit as a life experience.

25/05/2017: Workshop 01 03_Nowhere/ Places without a plan, lost in the nowhere.

30/05/2017: Workshop 01_Encounter/ Dialogues and relationships, meeting points.

Location: Different areas within Arts Santa Mònica.




COLBACAT. College of Doctors and Graduates in Fine Arts and Art Teachers of Catalonia

Interfícies. Arts Santa Mònica.

University of Barcelona Art Department.  Faculty of Fine Arts. 

University of Barcelona.

Department of Musical, Plastic, and Physical Expression Teaching.  Faculty of Education Sciences.  Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Department of Social Sciences, Physical, Musical and Visual and Plastic Education Teaching of the Faculty of Education.  University of Barcelona.



Arts Santa Mònica – Interfícies



Ministry of Education. Government of Catalonia

Ministry of Culture. Government of Catalonia

Departament d’Ensenyament. Generalitat de Catalunya

Departament de Cultura. Generalitat de Catalunya