International Dance Film Festival Barcelona
Dance Film Festival 08-13.11.2016

Space Balcony

From 8 to 13 November, Choreoscope will once again be bringing together film, dance and movement, cementing its role as the most important dance film festival in Southern Europe and as one of the most influential and highly regarded festivals of its kind on an international level.

Following on the success of the previous edition, Choreoscope will again dedicate a section of its programming, in conjunction with Mercat de les Flors, La Caldera and the Catalan Film Academy, to young talents in Catalan film and dance: a showing of the collaborative work between students of film and communications and dance students from academies all over Catalonia.

This year’s edition stands out, on the one hand, for having received twice as many entries as last time and, on the other, for the increment in quality of the short films that were presented, which has consolidated Choreoscope’s efforts: the festival has fostered a notable increase in the production of audiovisual projects in Spain focused on dance.

Choreoscope aims not to be limited to just screening films about dance. To that end, this year its activities will be broadened by a presence at Arts Santa Mònica, where exhibitions, lectures, debates and seminars will be held during the duration of the festival, focusing on the central themes: dance and film, and both disciplines’ relationships with art in general.

By way of these proposals, Choreoscope hopes to create a rich and reciprocal cultural relationship between artists and the city. In addition to the various activities that will be programmed, one of the central event at Arts Santa Mònica will be the recognition of choreographers who work on action films, to whom Choreoscope intends to pay homage.




From Tuesday 8 November to Sunday 13 November

11 am to 9 pm

Dolor [Pain], exhibition of photographs by Charlotte Audureau

This series, created by the French photographer Charlotte Audureau, is an investigation of the injuries and pain suffered by dancers. 

The dancers offer up their private lives, the secrets of their bodies that have been injured and exhausted by their demanding work, showing us the results of the examinations of their injuries. 

And you? How do you live with your pain? How do you coexist with your injuries?


Tuesday 8 November

7-10 pm

7 pm Inauguration and guest reception

7.30 pm Presentation of Choreoscope 2016

             Presentation of the exhibition Dolor [Pain], by the French photographer Charlotte Audureau

8 pm Announcement of the “Award for Best Action Choreography to Alberto Gadea in recognition of his entire career” and screening (17 minutes) of two films:

Martiality, Not Fighting (China, 2014). Directors: Marianne Kim and Cheng-Chieh Yu. Choreography: Guangdong Modern Dance Company. Duration: 10’43”

Beating (Czech Republic, 2014). Director: Kari Sulck. Choreography: Teresa Hradilkova. Duration: 6’15”. In special collaboration with Festival Tanečníc Filmů, Prague

8:45 pm Music and hors d’oeuvres

10 pm End of the inauguration


Wednesday 9 November

11:30 am-1:15 pm

“Reiki and meditation for every day”, a theoretical and practical class taught by Jordi Ibern Novel

Discover the beauty of reiki and its philosophy, some of the Japanese techniques that inspired it, and meditation. We’ll talk about the history of reiki and its Eastern roots; we will put it into practice and discover why reiki is becoming such a sought after traveling companion in modern society.


Wednesday 9 November

5:30-7:15 pm


Grises [Greys], performance by Anna Dart and Marc Vilajuana

Fragility and firmness, two kinds of presence that are investigated by Anna Dart and Marc Vilajuana.

How are they related? Which do we think we are? Solid? Liquid? Both?

The multi-disciplinary duet raises questions and plays in the limbo between those two movements, those two forces, those two roles which, dissolved into the whole, present an endless series of possibilities between black and white, in the aesthetics of the grey scale.

These two creators will provide a simultaneous response to the work of the other, each from their own discipline: live painting and dance improvisation in response to the visual work by Anna Dart and the dance solo by Marc Vilajuana.


Thursday 10 November

11:30 am-1:15 pm


“The uncertain geography of movement (From dance to movement. From movement to cinema)”, a proposal by Bande à Part

Class and debate, led by Miquel Àngel Raió, a guest teacher from Bande à Part, on the subtle but important difference between video dance and dance film. This activity is intended for young film makers and dancers and anyone who is a fan of either discipline. 

Together we will learn how to tell a story through dance and transmit it through film. What distinguishes a dance video from a true dance film? Professor Miquel Àngel Raió shows us how to combine and appreciate these two art forms.


Thursday 10 November

5:30-7:15 pm


Screening of “Young Talent 2016”

Special screening of the films selected in the category of “Young Talent 2016”

Choreoscope, International Dance Film Festival Barcelona, continues to support future professionals through the category “Young Talent Award for the Best Dance Short Film”, directed at students of film schools and dance schools in Catalonia.

All of the films in the “Young Talent 2016” section will also be available through Filmin.


Friday 11 November

11:30 am-2 pm


Master class on the history of applied contemporary dance, taught by Raffaella Crapio
Raffaella Crapio and her company Xiauru, in residence at the Dance Emotion school, will offer a master class in fusion and contemporary dance at Arts Santa Mònica. From a technical perspective, the class will look at the mixture of styles used by the company and, from a theoretical standpoint, the theatrical concepts that underlie the company’s recent production Social Animal (2016). Floorwork, release, hip hop, improvisation, contact, or any style suggested by the participants will be the focus of the class 


Friday 11 November

5:30-7:15 pm


Transmission, Festival Hop lecture

Dancers Javi Casado and Guille Vidal-Ribas will lead us – using words, video, music and movement – to the origins of urban dance, in search of the processes that have articulated this global phenomenon of contemporary culture.