55 ballots boxes for freedom

Exhibition 01.10-25.11.2018

Cloister Max Cahner


This exhibition displays the work of fifty-five artists who, with their creation, make visible an appeal and a commitment in defence of freedom and democracy.

On October 1, in Catalonia, a whole people were united to peacefully exercise their right to vote. In spite of their attitude, attempts were made to interrupt this action truncheon in hand.

Each artist has had a ballot box ("Urna") for the 1-O referendum to make his or her creation and give expression to his or her voice.

The exhibition and the catalog have been possible thanks to the selfless collaboration of authors, artists, designers, photographers, translators and all the professionals who have put in their knowledge and work to realise the project.

The catalogue has been made possible thanks to private, selfless contributions. «Everyone can help».


Parallel to this exhibition, the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc presents the exhibition 155 Fotos por la libertad, produced by the Comité de Solidaritat Catalana de la Catalunya Nord. This exhibition was shown as part of the "Vis a Vis" cycle in Perpinyà.



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Organization and production: Comitè de solidaritat catalana - Catalunya Nord

Coordination: Hervé Pi

Curators: Esteve Sabench, Fina Duran

Desing and display direction: Jordi Tolosa

Franc Aleu - Nora Ancarola - Miquel Arnaudiès - Biel Barnils Carrera - Jacquie Barral - Núria Batlle - Pere Bellès - Fabien Boitard - Danièle Busquet - Tom Carr - Francesca Caruana - Pascal Comelade - Roger Cosme Esteve - Joël Desbouiges - Quim Domene - Philippe Domergue - Pep Duran Esteva - Ignasi Esteve I Bosch - Joan Fontcuberta - Marc Fourquet - Gabriel - Jesús Galdón - Jordi Isern - Salvador Juanpere - Emmanuelle Jude - Patrick Jude - BKB, (Brigitte Kühlewind-Brennestuhl) - Delphine Labedan - Lola Lasurt - Antoni Llena - Anna Llimós - Francesca Llopis - Assumpció Mateu - maro (Odile Marot) - Enric Mauri - Carme Miquel - Pere Noguera - Gilles Olry - Frederic Perers - Enric Pladevall - Xevi Prat - Jaume Ribas - Antònia Ripoll - André Robèr - Dolors Rusiñol Masramon - Esteve Sabench - Gerard Sala - Carme Sanglas - Claret Serrahima - Servand Solanilla - David Torrents & Jacqueline Molnár - Francesc Torres - Montse Vendrell - Christian Vila - Marga Ximenez


Galeria Odile Oms, Ceret
Fundació Vila Casas